Top 5 Reasons to Formulate with Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit

Avena Best Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit are available in various colors, particle sizes and distribution. Here are the top five reasons to incorporate these versatile ingredients into your formulations.

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Improve the Nutritional Value in Baking with Avena Best Pulse Flours and Fibers – Case Study

Avena Best Pulse flour ingredients are nutrient dense: high in protein, fiber and micronutrients yet low in fat. Even after fortification, the white wheat flour commonly used in baking is still  nutritionally deficient when compared with pulse flours. In addition to boosting the nutrition and ingredient declaration, bakers and food product developers can improve the functional attributes and sensory qualities of finished products by choosing the right pulse and cereal flours and fibers.

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