Glyphosate Free oats ingredients

NEW! Avena Glyphosate Residue Free certified by The Detox Project

Avena Foods Purity Protocol gluten-free oat ingredients are Glyphosate Residue Free certified by The Detox Project. Products or ingredients bearing a Glyphosate Residue Free Label contain less than 10 parts per billion of the herbicide.

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Crop Report

The 2021 crop is in the ground. Rain across the Prairies over the past two weeks has meant that the small percentage of growers who were waiting for moisture to finish their acres, have been able to complete seeding. Due to dry conditions this spring, farms were seeded corner to corner with no sloughs or potholes to work around. Hopefully the old saying will be true: If you seed in the dust, your granaries will bust!

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Faces of Avena: Rod Lechner

Rod Lechner has been with Avena since 2008. As Head Miller of Avena Regina, he plays a key role in continually updating the plant and finding innovative ways to meet strict standards and ever-evolving customer needs. He recalls working side-by-side with the company’s founders to bring the dream of a certified gluten-free oat mill to life. As Avena prepares to open a second oat milling plant in nearby Rowatt, SK, Rod is ready to pivot as needed to keep Avena competitive in expanding global markets.

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Faces of Avena: Silvia Sibrian

On the frontline at Avena’s Pulse milling facility is Silvia Sibrian, Administrative Assistant and Customer Care Representative. Silvia’s friendly, cheerful nature is appreciated by customers…

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April Market Report

The Worldwide Commodity Market The worldwide pandemic that began in 2020 has had a dramatic global impact on consumer buying patterns, and lifestyles. While this…

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Avena Virtual Grower Meeting 2021: Recap

Regina, Sask., Feb. 22, 2021 – Avena’s Grower School went virtual for the first time, with updates on the Avena Purity Protocol program, a preliminary…

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Faces of Avena: Matt Speidel

As a key negotiator for grain procurement, Matt Speidel works closely with farmers and Avena’s Rowatt, Sask. processing team. Matt has been with Avena (and Best Cooking Pulses) for 17 years. We sat down with Matt to chat about his role at Avena and his perspective as the Grain Buyer and Operations Manager, Rowatt.

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Faces of Avena: Sneha Nathani

Sneha Nathani, Vice-President of Quality Assurance and Food Safety at Avena Foods, may be the newest member of the Avena Leadership team, but a rookie…

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Avena Joins Field to Market Canada

Becomes First Company to Register Continuous Improvement Project Focused on Advancing Pulse Sustainability PRESS RELEASE – Regina, Saskatchewan, Jan. 20, 2021 – Avena Foods Limited,…

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