Improve the Nutritional Value in Baking with Avena Best Pulse Flours and Fibers – Case Study

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The Right Bakery Ingredients to Boost Food Product Development

Pulse flours are nutrient dense: high in protein, fiber and micronutrients yet low in fat. Even after fortification, the white wheat flour commonly used in baking is still nutritionally deficient when compared with pulse flours in baking.

In addition to boosting the nutrition and ingredient declaration, bakers and food product developers can improve the functional attributes and sensory qualities of finished products by choosing the right pulse and cereal flours and fibers.

Benefits of Pulse Ingredients in Baking Applications:

Pulse flours and fibers impart functional properties to baked goods that can be of benefit to the product developer:

  • increased yield
  • improved moisture retention
  • stabilization of batters or dough
  • emulsifying, binding, structure building and gelling properties with the opportunity to replace eggs in vegan baking
  • removal of all or a portion of gums and starches towards a cleaner label

Pulse Bakery Ingredient Applications:

  1. Conventional Baking
  2. Gluten-Free Baking
  3. Vegan and Allergy-Friendly Baking

Avena Best Ingredient Native Pulse Flours (RTC):

  • Whole Bean Flour (navy/haricot, black, pinto)
  • Whole Chickpea Flour (Kabuli/garbanzo)
  • Decorticated Chickpea Flour (Kabuli or Desi)
  • Lentil Flour (whole green, decorticated yellow/red)
  • Whole Pea Flour (green, yellow)
  • Split Pea Flour (green, yellow)

Avena Best Functional Pulse Flours (RTE) with emulsifying, binding, structure building and gelling properties:

  • Pulse Visco Enhancer NB © (regular, fine)
  • Pulse Visco Enhancer CP © (regular)
  • Pulse Visco Enhancer DYL © (fine)

Avena Best Natural Dietary Fibers (90% TDF, RTE):

  • Pea Hull Fiber 125 ©
  • Pea Hull Fiber 200 ©

For over 35 years, the Avena Best flour and fiber dry-milling facility has been supplying ingredients to bakery, food, beverage, pet food and nutraceutical manufacturers across the globe. Avena’s Best Ingredient milling facility is BRC GFSI (AA) certified with uncompromising food safety and quality programs.

Avena Best bakery ingredients are nutritionally dense, gluten-free and allergy friendly, clean label (e.g. navy bean flour, navy bean powder), non-GMO, Kosher, halal, sustainably grown and processed, traceable back to the farm and field. Avena’s native pulse flours are competitively priced, available in both organic or conventional, packaged in 50lb bags or 2,000lb totes with an extended shelf life of 2 years.

Whether developing a new product or improving a currently existing one, our team is ready to connect. Contact us to learn about Avena’s custom solutions.

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