Specialty Milled Flours

Targeted Functionality

Are you looking to replace whole eggs, dried egg whites or powdered eggs? Avena Best Specialty Milled Flours are a plant-based and gluten-free range of ingredients developed to function in place of eggs, gums and starches.

These  ingredients are great options for vegan bakery (conventional and gluten-free), snacks, soups, sauces and dressings,  meats, and plant-based foods and beverages.

Minimally processed, from sustainably grown beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas and oats, these ingredients can be traced right back to the farm.


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Avena Foods - From the Ground Up.

Ingredients with Purpose

  • Pulse Egg Replacer© (NB, CP, DYL)
  • Pulse Visco-Enhancer© (NB, CP, DYL)
  • Pulse Bind-Up© (NB, CP, DYL)

Consumers Seek Vegan and Flexitarian Products

Avena’s RTE functional pulse flours meet the fast-growing global market demand for plant-based proteins in vegan and flexitarian markets.

Adding specialty milled ingredients to vegan products provides functional alternatives to eggs, gums and binders.

In meat products, adding these ingredients offers functional benefits in addition to boosting nutrition, cutting cost and providing great flavor and texture for flexitarians.

True Value

  • Aeration, binding, emulsification, viscosity, gelation and stabilizing
  • Extension of shelf life
  • Cost reduction
  • Enhancement of natural nutrition

Attributes of Avena Specialty Milled Flours

  • gluten-free and allergy-friendly (free of all labelled allergens)
  • clean and clear-label
  • certified organic or conventional
  • natural, non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • ready-to-eat (RTE) with a validated kill-step


Avena Best Ingredients

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