Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit

Sustainable Pulse Ingredients for Food Formulations

Avena Best Cracked Pulses and Pulse grit are milled from whole, split and decorticated pulse crops (beans, chickpeas, lentils and peas) at Avena’s pulse processing fiber and flour facility in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. No water is used in the processing of these pulse ingredients. This facility is powered with virtually all renewable energy, contributing to a minimally processed, sustainable food ingredient for food formulations.

Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit for bread product development

Tailored to Applications and Product Formulations

Avena Best Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit come in a variety of different particle sizes and distribution, tailored to applications or food production equipment. These ingredients are particularly functional in good-for-you extruded snacks and high protein and fiber baked goods – both conventional and gluten-free.

These ingredients boost nutrition, improve texture and provide an attractive visual note to many applications.

  • Bakery (bread and sweet goods), in the mix or as a topping
  • Snacks (extruded and popped)
  • Cereal
  • Batters and breading
  • Processed meat products
  • Plant-based meat alternatives
  • Pet food
gluten free foods with pulse grit ingredients

Protein Boost with Pulse Grit

Avena’s cracked pulses and pulse grit are nutrient-dense, boosting plant-based protein, dietary fiber and micronutrients in product formulations. Cracked pulses and pulse grit are easy to use and can be incorporated directly into bread, flatbread and bun dry mixes without the need to be pre-hydrated. The particle size and distribution of these ingredients can be customized or tailored to applications, contact us to learn more.

Additional benefits of incorporating Avena’s cracked pulses and pulse grit into food and pet food formulations:

  • Improve the protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS), thereby increasing the quality protein available towards a protein claim when combined with grain at the appropriate ratio
  • Enhance the nutrition of allergy-friendly products
  • Adds color and variety to bakery toppings
  • Provide for a clean and clear label
  • Supply quality starch that aids in the expansion of extruded products
  • Particle size customized for extrusion and popping equipment
  • Improve bite an moisture management in meat and plant-based food
Gluten free pulse ingredients in star shape

Attributes of Avena Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit

  • gluten-free and allergy-friendly
  • clean and clear label
  • certified organic or conventional
  • natural, non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • ready-to-cook (RTC)


Avena Foods Best Plant Based Ingredients

Avena Best Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit

  • Green Split Pea Grit
  • Yellow Split Pea Grit
  • Whole Green Lentil Grit
  • Decorticated Yellow Lentil Grit
  • Decorticated Red Lentil Grit
  • Cracked Chickpeas
  • Cracked Black Beans
  • Cracked Navy (Haricot) Beans
Avena Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit Ingredients

Left to right: green split pea grit, whole green lentil grit, decorticated red lentil grit, cracked chickpeas, cracked black beans, cracked navy (haricot) beans.

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