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Field to Market Canada Project

Sustainability in Action

Avena has initiated the first ever Field to Market Canada pulse innovation project. This is phase one of a three-phase project. Avena is partnering with 30 of our oat and pulse farmers.

Read the Field to Market Canada innovation project official press release.

Avena pea field for sustainable agriculture

Innovating Together

Phase 1: Hard data is collected from each farmer on three fields over three years. Field to Market Canada compares this data to baseline metrics of land-use efficiency, soil conservation, greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, and soil  carbon.

Phase 2: Avena staff, farmers, food manufacturers, researchers and civil societies explore systems and technologies that have the potential to improve soil health.

This phase includes intercropping and cover cropping experimental field plots.

Phase 3: Living Labs or field crop trials will be initiated depending on the benefits identified in the intercropping and cover cropping experimental plot trials.

Seeding regenerative agriculture field

Interested in partnering?

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About Field to Market

Field to Market Canada, a partner of Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture in the United States, brings together a diverse group of grower organizations, agribusinesses, food companies, conservation groups and agency partners to focus on promoting, defining and measuring the sustainability of commodity crop production. Field to Market follows a science-based, outcomes-focused and technology-neutral approach to advancing sustainability for Canadian commodity crops.

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