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Dietary Fibers

More Dietary Fiber, Yes Peas!

Avena Best Pea Hull Fiber (TDF 90%) and Organic Oat Hull Fiber (TDF 87%) are ready-to-eat (RTE), natural dietary fibers that are specialty milled from minimally processed and upcycled from the hulls of sustainably grown non-GMO peas and oats.

Avena’s pea hull fiber is an ‘intrinsic and intact’ dietary fiber according to the FDA Nutrition and Supplement Facts Label Regulations. It is permitted for use in processed meat products by the USDA FSIS, and is ‘approved’ by Health Canada as a novel fiber for inclusion in ‘non-standardized’ foods (those for which the Canadian regulations do not provide specific compositional standards) as well as corresponding agencies in the UK and EU. These fibers have a naturally occurring balance of insoluble and soluble fibers.

These natural dietary fibers, neutral in flavor, color and aroma, have gained traction as clean label, consumer-friendly ingredients, produced in a facility that does not process any labeled allergens. Pea hull fiber and oat hull fiber provide a fiber boost with functionality in bakery, tortilla, snacks, crackers, beverages, meat and plant-based foods.

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Pea Hull Fiber

Avena Best Pea Hull Fibers are specialty milled from the cleaned outer seed coat or hulls of North American dried peas using a proprietary process. The result is a natural pulse fiber ingredient with 90% total dietary fiber (dry weight basis) that is easy to incorporate into most applications and product formulations with no pre-hydration required.

Avena Best Pea Hull Fibers are available in two grind sizes:

  • Pea Hull Fiber 125 (TDF 90%)​
  • Pea Hull Fiber 200 (TDF 90%)

One teaspoon of Avena Best Pea Hull Fiber 200 weighs 3g and has 2.7g of dietary fiber. One tablespoon of Avena Best Pea Hull Fiber 200 weighs 9g and has 8.1g of dietary fiber.

Organic Oat Hull Fiber

Avena Best Organic Oat Hull Fiber contains 87% total dietary fiber, mainly insoluble and therefore low calorie. This ingredient is specialty milled from the outer hulls of certified organic gluten-free Canadian oats using a proprietary process.

Avena Best Organic Oat Hull Fiber is available in one grind size:

  • Organic Oat Hull Fiber 125 (TDF 87%)

Healthy Ingredients to Boost your Product Application Goals


  • Baking, wheat-based and gluten-free (bread, crackers, quick breads, pancakes, cookies, muffins, brownies, sweet baked goods)
  • Bars and clusters (cold pressed, soft-baked, extruded)
  • Batters and breadings
  • Meat, hybrid meat and plant-based meat alternatives
  • Beverages (ready-to-mix dry blends, ready-to-drink beverages)
  • Cereal (oatmeal, granola, extruded cereals, infant cereal)
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Snacks (extruded, baked, fried)
  • Spice blends (as carrier)
    Pea Hull Fiber Ingredient Supplier

    Key Benefits:

    • Boost fiber, calcium and iron content in finished product
    • Assist in moisture management, holding water and binding oil, improving the yield in processed meat and plant-based alternatives
    • Provide structure, mouthfeel and neutral flavor in meat and plant-based alternatives
    • Improve starch expansion control in extruded snacks by functioning as a nucleation agent
    • Reduce breakage in the bag as much as 25% for tortilla chips and other crispy snacks
    • Act as a label-friendly carrier, provide bulking, and are anti-caking agents in spice blends
    • Replace gums in batters and breading, and gluten-free bread and baked goods
    • Incorporate directly into most applications with no pre-hydration required
    Oat Hull Fiber Ingredient Supplier

    Attributes of Avena’s Natural Dietary Fibers

    • gluten-free and allergy-friendly
    • clean and clear-label
    • certified organic or conventional
    • natural, non-GMO
    • Kosher
    • Halal
    • ready-to-eat (RTE) with a validated kill-step


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