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Top 5 Reasons to Formulate with Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit

Healthy for you, good for the planet

Pulses (beans, chickpeas, lentils and peas) are healthy halo ingredients, packed with nutrients, including dietary fiber, plant-based protein and micronutrients. Not only are these ingredients beneficial to our health, pulse crops are inherently sustainable and promote soil health through nitrogen fixing.

Avena Best Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit are available in various colors, particle sizes and distribution. These ingredients are versatile and can be incorporated into snacks, bakery, cereals, bars and plant-based meat alternatives.

Avena Best Ingredients are gluten-free, allergy-friendly, non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, fully traceable back to the farm and field and are available conventional or certified organic. These ingredients are milled in Avena facilities that do not process any priority allergens as listed in the Canadian, US or EU regulations.

Top reasons to consider Avena Best Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit in your formulations:

  1. Enhance nutrition
    • Boost dietary fiber, plant-based protein and micronutrient content of finished product
    • At appropriate ratios, the total quality protein available towards a protein claim can be increased when blended with grains (e.g. oats)
  2. Enhance physical attributes
    • Add texture and attractive visual notes in a variety of popped and extruded snacks, and toppings for breads, buns, bagels and biscuits
  3. Versatile and easy to use
    • Can be used in a variety of applications including snacks, bakery, cereals, bars and plant-based meat alternatives
    • Incorporate directly into bread, flatbread and bun dry mixes without pre-hydration
  4. Functional benefits
    • Provide better structure and texture variation contributing to improved mouthfeel in bakery, flatbreads and pizza crust
    • Add pleasing flavors, reducing the amount of salt and other flavorings required in a typical popped chip or snack
    • Enhance moisture management properties in plant-based patties
  5. Custom solutions
    • Particle size can be tailored to extrusion processes (single and twin), popping and other food production equipment
    • Access to Avena’s R&D experts

Avena Best Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit:

  • Green Split Pea Grit
  • Yellow Split Pea Grit
  • Whole Green Lentil Grit
  • Decorticated Yellow Lentil Grit
  • Decorticated Red Lentil Grit
  • Cracked Chickpeas
  • Cracked Black Beans
  • Cracked Navy (Haricot) Beans
Avena Cracked Pulses and Pulse Grit Ingredients

Ingredients left to right: green split pea grit, whole Laird lentil grit, decorticated red lentil grit, cracked chickpeas, cracked black beans, cracked navy (haricot) beans


Rustic Chickpea Bread

  • chickpea grit provides structure, texture variation and visual appeal

Seeded Bread (Vegan and Gluten-Free)

  • cracked black beans, cracked chickpeas, green split pea grit add nutrition, texture and visual appeal

Pizza Crust

  • red lentil grit added to a standard yeast-raised pizza base enhances nutrition and adds both visual appeal and mouthfeel

Popped and Extruded Snacks

  • cracked black bean, decorticated red lentil grit, green and yellow split pea grit provide colorful notes to typical popped chips and extruded snacks

Plant-Based Patties

  • cracked chickpeas and cracked black beans enhance moisture management, improving bite

Reach out to our team today to learn more about Avena Best Cracked Pulses and Grit for your formulations.