Certified Gluten-Free Oats


Avena Foods is the premier supplier of Purity protocol certified gluten-free (<5ppm) oat ingredients to the food and beverage industry. Sustainably grown and harvested from pedigreed non-GMO seed, our pure oat ingredients are fully traceable right back to the farmer and field.

Avena Foods Purity Protocol milling facility is FSSC 22000 certified with uncompromising food safety and quality programs. These include comprehensive testing protocols for gluten (every tote) and peroxidase. Micros and nutritionals are tested on request.


Avena Purity Protocol Gluten-Free Oat Ingredients:

  • Groats
  • Rolled Oats (standard thickness #5)
  • Granola Rolled Oats (thicker #4)
  • Hefty Oat Flakes (thickest #3)
  • Fine Whole Oat Flour 3/64 (US mesh #35 ≤ 15%)
  • Whole Oat Flour 5/64 (US mesh #35 ≤ 50%)
  • Quick Cooking Oats (Baby Oats #24)
  • Steel Cut Oats
  • Thin Oat Flakes

Avena Purity Protocol Gluten-Free Oat Ingredients are:

  • Certified gluten-free (<5 ppm)
  • Produced in a dedicated and certified gluten-free facility
  • Verified non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Free of labeled allergens
  • Available as RTE (ready-to-eat)
  • Available as conventional or certified-organic (COS)
  • Packaged in either 2000lb totes or 50lb (22.7kg) bags
  • 18 month shelf-life when stored under ambient conditions
  • See our glyphosate policy

Learn more about purity protocol and our certifications.

Application and Functional Benefits

Baking, cereal-based and gluten-free

  • Bread, crackers, quick breads, pancakes, cookies, muffins, brownies, and other sweet goods
  • Good moisture retention and improved shelf-life
  • Oat flour can often be substituted for wheat flour at 1:1 ratio


  • Oatmeal, extruded cereal, granola, and infant cereal
  • Adds whole grain nutrition and is a good source of dietary fiber
  • Adds great flavor

Bars and clusters

  • Cold pressed, soft baked, extruded
  • Provides structure, whole grain nutrition, and great flavor

Beverages and desserts

  • Wet and dry
  • Provides thickening, whole grain nutrition, and prebiotics


  • Is a prebiotic due to 4% beta-glucan fiber
  • Adds great flavor

Nutritional and Health Benefits

Oats provide whole grain goodness. They are naturally high in dietary fiber, including 4% soluble beta-glucan. They are a complex carbohydrate with low glycemic index. Oat ingredients are an excellent source of protein, B vitamins and vitamin A, as well as minerals such as iron, calcium, manganese, thiamin, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc.


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