Avena Foods Limited is committed to building upon the natural sustainability of the crops we process by being an industry leader in supporting sustainable cropping systems as we partner with our growers. We will employ sustainable business practices when bringing crops to market by minimizing harm and maximizing benefit to the environment, employees, suppliers, customers, and our local communities.
Oats and pulses…
  1. Use as little as half the non-renewable energy inputs (including nitrogen fertilizer) of other crops, resulting in a small carbon footprint.
  2. Improve the sustainability of cropping systems: pulse plants extract nitrogen from the air into nodes on their roots, which are then left in the soil to provide nutrition for the next crop, possibly oats, the following year.
  3. Produce compounds that nourish soil microbes and benefit soil health. Crop yields are typically higher in soils that are ‘alive’ with a diverse population of soil organisms. These organisms break down and cycle nutrients, feeding the crops as they grow. Naturally occurring soil organisms also ‘crowd out’ disease-causing bacteria and fungi.