Avena is a specialty miller that provides food, pet food, and nutraceutical manufacturers with sustainably grown and milled Purity Protocol Oat and functional gluten-free pulse ingredients.

‘For safe, healthy diets and a sustainable world.’


Avena partners with farmers and manufacturers to bring high quality, safe, sustainable, and nutritious oat and pulse ingredients to customers throughout the world.


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Avena has three locations on the Canadian prairies where we mill four ranges of ingredients, all of which are non-GMO, and available conventional, gluten-free and certified-organic: Avena Purity Protocol Oat Ingredients, Avena Best Functional Ingredients, Avena Best Companion Ingredients, Avena Best Cooking Pulses (whole and split pulses).

Avena is anchored in long-term relationships with farmers who are committed to sustainable cropping systems and practices that respect the environment, and in exemplary food safety and quality management systems second to none.

For safe, healthy diets, and a sustainable world.’

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Regina, Saskatchewan
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Rowatt, Saskatchewan



Avena Foods Limited was established in 2008 by a group of pedigreed seed growers from Regina, Saskatchewan. These farmers understood the dietary challenges faced by individuals with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and wheat allergies.

Avena Purity Protocol is the “Start Safe, Stay Safe” program, which was developed over the last decade. This system of production from the farm gate to the plate ensures that the purity of the oats is maintained throughout the entire chain of seeding, growing, harvesting, transporting, and milling the crop. Avena Purity Protocol oats and oat ingredients are fully traceable back to the farmers and their fields. Learn more about Avena Purity Protocol.

​Avena Foods farmers continue to remain committed to providing pure, uncontaminated, whole grain oats for those with gluten disorders. These oats and oat ingredients are also allergy-friendly (free of labeled allergens) with minimal or non-detectable levels of glyphosate. Learn more about Avena Foods glyphosate policy.

In January 2018, Avena Foods Limited welcomed a new partner into the fold – Best Cooking Pulses, Inc., a family-owned agri-food company that had been active in the international pulse trade since 1936. Learn more about the History of Best Cooking Pulses and Best Food Ingredients .

Avena Foods now has three facilities located in major growing regions for oats and pulses: Avena Purity Protocol oat mill in Regina, Saskatchewan, Best Cooking Pulses processing and splitting facility, in Rowatt, Saskatchewan and Best Food Ingredients specialty milling facility is in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Supplying healthy, safe and sustainable ingredients to the world.

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