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News from 2017

November 2017

Best Cooking Pulses ‘BEST’ Certified-Organic Pea Hull Fibers were named as a finalist for Food Ingredients Europe “Organic Champion” Innovation Award.

The Awards honour professionals and companies for their ability to demonstrate and stimulate innovation, and for their contributions to the food industry. The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on November 28 at Messe Frankfurt Germany.

“In partnership with our farmers, we are strongly committed to environmental stewardship, in terms of the crops we mill and how they are grown, and through our proprietary dry-milling processes,” said Margaret Hughes, the company’s vice-president of sales and marketing.


September/October 2017

Two pulse articles based on presentations from the Best Cooking Pulses sponsored Scientific Symposium

Guest editors of Cereal Foods World September-October 2017, Linda Malcolmson and Mike Sissons included two pulse articles based on presentations from the Best Cooking Pulses sponsored Scientific Symposium ‘Understanding the nutritional and functional benefits of pulse flours and fibers’ (AACCI Annual Meeting 2016).

In ‘Pea Hull Fiber: A Dietary Fiber to Modulate Gastrointestinal Function and Gut Microbiota’, Wendy Dahl provides a systematic review of the digestive benefits of incorporating pea hull fiber into the diet, particularly high protein diets.

Click here to read the article

‘The Effect of Navy Bean Flour Particle Size on Carbohydrate Digestion Rate Measured in Vitro’ by Bohdan Luhovyy et al has findings helpful to product research and development scientists looking to develop functional foods with a lower glycemic index.

Click here to read the article

September 19th, 2017

Seed to Sophistication

Chef Sean Audet and Margaret Hughes jointly presented at “Seed to Sophistication”, sponsored by the Minneapolis IFT and Research Chef Associations. Chef Sean Audet demoed a gluten-free Navy Bean Pâte Sucrée (made with BEST precooked whole navy bean flour and pea hull fiber) served with spiced butternut squash mousse and microgreens and Margaret spoke on the sustainability of pulses and the BEST pulse ingredients.

September 14th, 2017

Best Cooking Pulses provides industry support for Andrew’s research

The research of Andrew Hamilton, Masters student at Mount Saint Vincent University, was featured in The Chronicle Herald. Andrew has been developing a healthy lentil-based snack bar that doesn’t adversely affect the consumer’s blood sugar levels. Best Cooking Pulses provides industry support for Andrew’s research.


August 2nd and 3rd, 2017

Prepared Foods Chicago R&D Seminar

Best Cooking Pulses presented at the Prepared Foods Chicago R&D Seminar: ‘Pea Hull Fiber – Scientifically Supported, FDA & Health Canada Approved’


‘Managing Food Allergen Risks Using Pulse ingredients’ http://www.rdseminarchicago.com/index.php/agenda

Please contact us if you would like information on either seminar topic.

May 2017

Definition of dietary fiber and how it will impact current manufacturers

Nutrition Facts overhaul proves double-edged sword for inulin by Elaine Watson, published in Food Navigator, USA reviewed the FDA’s new definition of dietary fiber and how it will impact current manufacturers. Margaret Hughes, VP Sales and Marketing, Best Cooking Pulses, was quoted on the FDA status of pea hull fiber as “intrinsic and intact” dietary fiber.


March 2017

Stauber Innovation Day

Dr Wendy Dahl of the University of Florida opened the first annual Stauber Innovation Day, held just prior to Natural Products Expo West/Engredea in Anaheim, with her presentation on the Gastrointestinal Benefits of Pea Hull Fiber. The critical take home message was that high protein diets need to include high fiber in order to reduce uremic toxins and significantly minimize stress on the kidneys. Best Cooking Pulses was a joint sponsor of the event.

February 2017

Prepared Foods article

The Power of Pulses: Formulating with Pulse Ingredients Experts discuss the growing pulse protein market included: Using Pulse Flours as Egg Replacers for Functional, Economical and Nutritional Benefits which summarized the use of BEST Whole Navy Bean Flour as an egg replacer.

January 2017

Organic Day Panel

Mike Gallais, VP Operations at Best Cooking Pulses, was a member of the Organic Day Panel discussing specifications and critical crop management for meeting buyer quality requirements held during Ag Days in Brandon on January 19th. Mike, on the right in the picture below, was featured in Organic Biz.