New State-of-the-Art Oat Mill for RTE Ingredients

Avena Commissions New Purity Protocol Oat Mill

Avena is more than doubling its gluten-free oat ingredient production capacity with the commissioning of a new mill on the Canadian Prairies. This facility is located in one of the best oat growing regions of the world.

The mill, in Rowatt, SK, is located alongside Avena’s oat cleaning plant and runs in tandem with Avena’s nearby Regina, SK oat processing mill. This state-of-the-art plant allows manufacturers to feel confident in the supply of gluten-free oat ingredients, supporting their ability to keep pace with rising consumer demands for oat-based food and beverage products.

Avena’s Purity Protocol certified gluten-free oat facilities are dedicated allergy-friendly, Kosher and glyphosate-free certified, and halal approved. The full range of Avena Purity Protocol ingredients is available ready-to-eat (RTE) or ready-to-cook (RTC).

Avena Purity Protocol oat ingredients are ready-to-eat and perfect for creating clean label, allergy-friendly, plant-based food and beverages with a pleasing flavor and naturally balanced whole grain nutrition. These ingredients are minimally processed from sustainably grown crops, traceable right back to the farm. They are available both conventional and organic, and always gluten-free.

Though standards for gluten-free certification can be ≤20ppm, gluten in Avena Purity Protocol oat ingredients is significantly lower with a target of <5ppm. This can be important to people with celiac disease when considering the cumulative effects of gluten ingested over a day.

Ingredients: Extra-Fine Oat Flour, Fine Oat Flour, Coarse Oat Flour, Toasted Oat Flour, Quick Oat Flakes, Thin Oat Flakes, Instant Oat Flakes, Rolled Oats, Granola Rolled Oats, Hefty Oat Flakes, Steel Cut Oats, Oat Groats.

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Avena Rowatt Facility, 2019
(Left to right: Oat Cleaning Plant, Pulse Cleaning Plant, Pulse Office, Pulse Splitting Plant)

Avena Rowatt Facility, 2022
(Left to right: New Purity Protocol Oat Mill, Oat Cleaning Plant, Pulse Cleaning Plant, Pulse Office, Pulse Splitting Plant)

Avena Rowatt Facility, 2023

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