Join us at IFT to CELEBRATE the Merger of Avena Foods and Best Cooking Pulses

Join us at IFT to in Chicago in just a few days to celebrate the merger of Avena Foods and Best Cooking Pulses and 10 YEARS of Purity Protocol ‘start safe, stay safe’ oats!

Avena Foods Limited was established in 2008 by a group of pedigreed seed farmers committed to providing ‘pure’ oats, uncontaminated by gluten grains, for the benefit of people with celiac disease.

Fast forward ten years. Avena Foods has an extensive network of oat farmers, some of whom are certified-organic, operating under what is termed ‘Purity Protocol’. Avena also boasts a state-of-the-art gluten-free, allergen-free milling facility with traceability, quality, and food safety systems second to none.

In January 2018, Avena Foods Limited welcomed a new partner into the fold. Best Cooking Pulses, Inc., a family-owned agri-foods company that had been active in the international pulse trade since 1936, was looking to expand beyond its pulse offerings. Avena Foods Limited wanted to extend the crops grown under ‘Purity Protocol’ and to move beyond their farmer co-operative ownership.

These pioneering Canadian companies were both committed to:

strong partnerships with farmers,
the milling of traceable, high quality, safe ingredients,
exemplary quality and food safety systems,
respectful relationships with customers and staff, and
sustainable environmental practices.
These shared values are the foundation of the new Avena Foods Limited.

Please join us to celebrate the new Avena Foods on July 17th, 11am to 2pm at IFT booth S3827. There will be gluten-free cup cakes with the new Purity Protocol logo, a photo booth, and a host of other surprises!

Avena Foods now offers four ranges of healthy, safe, sustainable ingredients all of which are non-GMO, and available both conventional and certified-organic (COS).

1. PURITY PROTOCOL INGREDIENTS – ‘Start safe, stay safe’, pure oat ingredients for people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and wheat allergies. Healthy for life

2. BEST FOOD INGREDIENTS – Pulse flours and grits, cracked pulses, oat hull fiber and pea hull fibers, pulse inclusions. Food ingredients for healthy diets and a sustainable world

3. BEST COOKING PULSES (BCP) – Naturally polished green and yellow split peas, cleaned peas, beans, chickpeas and lentils. Taking the BEST of the prairies to the world.

4. BEST COMPANION INGREDIENTS – Peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, and oats, as well as flours, grit, and fibers. Healthy pets and a healthy planet

Please do reach out to ask any questions about the new Avena Foods, or let us know if we may help in any other way!