Avena Functional Pulse Flours for Egg Replacement

An eggcellent alternative! 

Egg shortages and rising prices, coupled with consumer demand for plant-based foods and beverages, have manufacturers scrambling to find alternatives to egg ingredients.

Avena Best Functional Pulse Flours are ready-to-eat (RTE), cost-effective, clean-and-clear-label ingredients that provide binding, viscosity, emulsification, gelation, and structure. They offer food manufacturers a viable replacement for eggs, at a lower cost and with a stable supply.

Specialty milled from beans or lentils, Avena’s egg replacement ingredients are gluten-free, allergy-friendly, non-GMO and available as certified organic or conventional. They can be added directly to dry ingredients, with no pre-hydration required. Unlike aquafaba, the supply is consistent. They have a shelf life of up to two years.

Pulses are one of the most sustainable crops on the planet. They extract nitrogen from the air and deposit it in their roots, reducing the need for artificial fertilizers. Pulse crops are typically seeded with ‘conservation till’. Pulse crops also require little or no irrigation.

Use Avena Best Functional Pulse Flours to replace eggs or dried egg whites in:

  • gluten-free or wheat-based bread and baked goods (retain moisture and support structure)
  • vegan mayonnaise, custard (crème anglaise), sauces and dressings, ready-to-eat (provide emulsification, with easy mixing and no impact on flavor or mouthfeel)
  • plant-based meat alternatives (binding)

They can also replace starches and gums in:

  • non-dairy yogurt and ice cream
  • confectionery coatings
  • gravy

Visit Avena Foods at Natural Products Expo West (Hall B, booth 1535) as we celebrate the launch of Avena Best Functional Pulse Flours. Sample vegan mayonnaise and vegan ranch dressing – so creamy and flavorful, you won’t believe they don’t contain eggs.

Avena Best Functional Pulse Flours

  • replace eggs, soy protein isolate, hydrocolloids and gums
  • enhance emulsification
  • excellent binding properties
  • water holding for viscosity control
  • moisture retention properties
  • incorporate directly into most applications with no pre-hydration required
  • cost-effective option
  • clean-label
  • milled from navy beans
  • minimally processed and sustainably grown
  • ready-to-eat (RTE)
  • allergy-friendly, gluten-free
  • non-GMO, available conventional or certified organic

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