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Avena Best Pea Hull Fibers

Upcycling Pea Hulls to Natural Dietary Fibers

Avena Best Pea Hull Fiber © is a natural and clean-label ingredient upcycled from cleaned pea hulls. Pea hulls are the outer seed coats that pop off during the pea splitting process. Whole peas are cleaned and split at Avena’s pea cleaning and splitting plant in Rowatt, SK. The cleaned pea hulls are transported to Avena’s pulse mill in Portage la Prairie, MB, where it is then milled into natural dietary fiber that are functional and versatile in a range of applications. 

As food manufacturers seek out ways to incorporate a higher percentage of dietary fiber into consumer products, Avena Best Pea Hull Fiber © stand out as functional ingredients that tick all the boxes:

  • 90% TDF with neutral flavor, color and odor
  • Fine particle size means no gritty mouthfeel
  • Ready-to-eat (RTE) – can be used in products where there is no further cook stage, such as cold-pressed bars, breakfast cereals and beverages
  • Sustainable – upcycled from sustainably grown, non-GMO Canadian peas
  • Kosher certified and Halal approved
  • Naturally gluten-free

It’s not just about the fiber… Avena Best Pea Hull Fiber is functional:

  • Binds oil and water to improve yield and maintain juiciness in meat and meat-alternatives and improves softness over life in baked goods
  • Can improve batter pickup in battered and breaded applications
  • Works as a nucleation agent to improve expansion in extruded snacks
  • Can reduce 25% of the breakage in the bag for crispy snacks

Whether developing a new product or improving a currently existing one, our team is ready to connect. Contact us to learn about Avena’s custom solutions.

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