Introducing Oat ‘n’ Lentil Puff

Just as in 2018, fiber, whole grains and protein from plant sources top the list when it comes to consumers perceptions of the healthfulness of foods (2019 Food and Health Survey, International Food Information Council.) It is therefore no surprise that 62% of Americans are looking for healthy snacks to replace regular meals (The Future of Healthy Snacks, Mintel, January 2019).

Thanks to the complementary amino acid profiles of oats and lentils, Avena Foods prototype ‘Oat ‘n’ Lentil Puff’ is the perfect whole grain source of plant protein. This clean label offering, made with just four ingredients, includes pea hull fiber providing for a high source of fiber claim, and also serving as a nucleation agent in the extrusion process.

When oats (high in sulphur amino acids) are combined with lentils (high in lysine and isoleucine) in the ideal ratio, the PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) is maximized, allowing for a natural plant protein claim without the need for concentrates or isolates.

Not only is this prototype ‘Oat ‘n’ Lentil Puff’ made from sustainably grown and milled oats, lentils, and peas, it also tastes GREAT!

Any questions on combining amino acid profiles to maximize total quality protein? We would love to provide you with technical support.

Drop by Avena Foods booth 3628 at IFT, to think together – and to enjoy the taste of our Oat ‘n’ Lentil Puff!