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Avena Crop Report

REGINA – July 17, 2020

Here we are mid-summer, Avena’s crops are growing and maturing well, not dissimilar to last year. The big difference is soil moisture. Our farms had a great start this spring with optimal soil and weather conditions. however, as seeding progressed, it was windy and soil conditions deteriorated.

Four weeks after seeding, Avena’s oat and pulse fields had good emergence. Weather conditions were dry, cool and windy. The crops rooted down following the moisture in the soil.

Since then, we have had adequate rainfall in most areas with few reports of hail and excessive moisture. We would rate the crops in general to be good to very good.

We are 5-6 weeks away from harvesting oats, and 4-5 weeks away from harvesting peas and lentils. Here’s to the good weather continuing and one of the best crops ever!

Mike Gallais
Director, Procurement/GM Rowatt