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Whether developing new products for consumers, or reworking existing product formulations, food and beverage manufacturers are looking for ingredients that offer sustainable, affordable and functional ingredients.

Avena Purity Protocol Oat Ingredients and Avena Best Pulse and Oat Ingredients meet these requirements, as well as addressing many other consumer concerns in the market today.

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12 Dec: Introducing FXM

Headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico, FXM is an important food ingredients distributor for Avena Foods. Customers benefit from the hands-on expertise…


There is more then one road to Rome. Learn about incorporating bean flour into tortillas, flat breads and pizza crust - glutenfree and wheat based.

#Pulseflours & #fiber in #glutenfree or wheat based #tortilla, flat breads & #pizzacrust - Guest speaker Dr Sharon Book of ICL presents on leavening agents and pulses - not all are created equal or perform equally. @AmericanBakers @BakingSnackMag @BakingExpo @BakeryAndSnacks https://twitter.com/BestPulses/status/1308116004401287170

Want to learn how to make things better with pulse ingredients? Join @AvenaFoods, Sept 23rd,1pmCDT: 'Tortilla and flatbreads: the trending staple in everyone's pantry.' wheat based and #glutenfree. @pulsecanada @SaskPulse @MWAF204 @AGWomenMB https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/6315997555275/WN_NRy1CQL3SpWdA8LXviMcEA

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