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Pulse Ingredients: From Farm to Food Innovations

Date: September 9, 2020

Time: 1:00 PM CDT (Central Daylight Time)

Interested in incorporating pulse ingredients into your next formulation? Join us to develop an understanding of the 2020 pulse supply chain, learn about the range of pulse ingredients available to food formulators and examples of successful products in bakery, snack manufacturing, hybrid meat/plant-based analogues, and spice blends, and explore new innovative market opportunities opening up for pulse ingredients throughout the world.


Presenters and Guest Speakers:

Mike Gallais
Director, Procurement/General Manager Rowatt
Avena Foods Ltd.

Pulse Market 2020 Update

Website: Avena Foods   |   LinkedIn: Mike Gallais

Mike has played a key role in the development of the Best Cooking Pulses brand of split peas, lentils, chickpeas and beans. Involved in the Agriculture Industry throughout his entire career, Mike’s passion for people and pulses has been his greatest attribute. Mike is responsible for the procurement of both oats and pulses. He and the Avena Rowatt team are committed to the long-term growth in both export and domestic pulse sales.

Avena Foods Limited
Mike Gallais, Avena Foods Ltd.

Margaret Hughes
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Avena Foods Ltd.

Pulse Ingredients 101

Website: Avena Foods   |   LinkedIn: Margaret Hughes

Margaret Hughes is vice-president of sales and marketing with Avena Foods. She has served on the boards of the Manitoba Food Processors Association and the Food Development Centre. She is a member of Pulse Canada’s Nutrition and Health Expert Advisory Committee and sits on the North American Pulse Processing Research Advisory Committee. Margaret is a popular speaker, with recent presentations to the AACCI, the IBIE, the CIFST, Canadian Celiac Association and the North American Pulse Milling Summit. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of pulse and oat ingredients with colleagues in the food industry.

Best Cooking Pulses, Margaret’s family business, was established in 1936 and has grown into one of the largest pulse processors in Canada. Since 2018 it has been operating as part of Avena Foods.

Avena Foods Limited
Margaret Hughes, Avena Foods Ltd.

Tanya Der
Director, Food Innovation and Marketing
Pulse Canada

Pulse ingredients: driving innovations in global markets

Website: Pulse Canada  |   LinkedIn: Tanya Der

Tanya Der is Pulse Canada’s Director of Food Innovation and Marketing. Tanya oversees areas of pulse processing, functionality and food development as it relates to the strategic direction of the Canadian pulse industry. In previous positions, Tanya worked in quality assurance and product development roles for food companies manufacturing beverage, dairy, flax and natural health products distributed throughout North America, Asia and the EU. Tanya received a M.Sc. from the University of Saskatchewan in Meat Science.

Pulse Canada
Tanya Der, Pulse Canada


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Hi Pulse Growers! Avena is looking for a couple loads of Acer/Maple Peas. Please give Mike or Matt a shout at 306-586-7111 for more information. @BestPulses

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