News from 2016


November 2016

The US Food and Drug Administration published Scientific Evaluation of the Evidence on the Beneficial Physiological Effects of Isolated or Synthetic Non-digestible Carbohydrates Submitted as a Citizen Petition (21 CFR 10.30): Guidance for Industry Draft Guidance, which confirmed that BEST Pea Hull Fiber, made from mechanically processed seed ‘coats of peas’ (p. 5), is considered an “intrinsic and intact” dietary fiber.


October 2016

In celebration of 80 years of pulse processing, Best Cooking Pulses sponsored the Scientific Symposium Understanding the nutritional and functional benefits of pulse flours and fibers at the AACI (American Association of Cereal Chemists International) Annual Meeting held in Savana, Georgia. The symposium was moderated by Dr Linda Malcolmson and included:

Dr Rebecca Mollard – The effects of extruded pulse products on post-prandial glycaemia and satiety
Dr Wendy Dahl – Pea hull fiber modulations of gastrointestinal function and fecal microbiota
Dr Bohdan Luhovyy – The carbohydrate digestion of navy bean flours measure in vitro: the role of particle size and processing
Dr Bob Tyler – Functional attributes of pulse flours and flour constituents
Dr Martin Scanlon – Real time monitoring of the effect of pea fiber addition and its particle size on dough proofing potential


October 2016

Dr Linda Malcolmson and Margaret Hughes presented Protein and fiber fortification in bakery products as part of the International Baking Industry Education Progam. Over 100 people attended the presentation and took part in a lively post-presentation discussion.

Best Cooking Pulses received a certificate as one of the companies accepted into ‘Ingredients’ category of the International Baking Industry Exposition ‘2016 Becoming Environmentally Sustainable Together (B.E.S.T.) in Baking’ Awards. Submissions were evaluated for environmental impact, innovation, feasibility, ROI and practical application to the baking industry.


August 2016

Margaret Hughes, VP Sales and Marketing for Best Cooking Pulses, presented both Utilizing Pulse Flours as Egg Replacers for Functional, Economical and Nutritional Advantages and Including pulse flours in baked products at the Prepared Foods Research and Development Applications Seminar 2016, held in Chicago, Illinois.

June 21, 2016

BCP was featured in Global Ventures magazine in honour of our 80th anniversary – Summer Edition 2016


May 2016

BEST Pea Fiber was mentioned in an article in Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism article titled The Fiber Gap and The Disappearing Gut Microbiome: Implications for Human Nutrition. BEST Pea Fiber was listed in a non-exhaustive list as an option of dietary fiber that can be included in diets to help the human microbiome.


May 2, 2016

Best Cooking Pulses, Inc. received the Manitoba Food and Beverage Company of 2016 from Food and Beverage Manitoba at an awards gala dinner held at the Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg. Trudy Heal, President, Margaret Hughes, VP Sales and Marketing and Mike Gallais, VP Operations accepted the award together.


May 2016

Jane Dummer in The Final Proof: May 2016 Free-from foods are becoming increasingly relevant to all consumers, not just those who have a specific allergy or intolerance. ( describes the use of Best pulse flours as egg replacers.


Mar 8-12, 2016

Margaret Hughes from Best Cooking Pulses and Geoffrey Dextrase, Pastry Chef from Priarie Ink Café at McNally Robinson Booksellers presented “Pulse flours as Egg Replacers” during Form. Function. The Future of Food. Research Chef Association 2016 Conference, held in Denver, Colorado. They share the floor with Griffiths Foods Inc, The US Dry Pea and Lentil Association and Pulse Canada.


RCA Students Culinology Competition

Best Cooking Pulses was proud to be one of sponsors for the University of Guelph student team taking part in the RCA Student Culinology Competition. The task of this year’s competition was to develop a microwavable dish that fit into a Southwestern and Rocky Mountain theme while also involving a pulse ingredient in honour of International Year of Pulses, and to be manufactured within a certain budget. The dish created by the University of Guelph team featured Best Cooking Pulses’ BEST Whole Laird Lentils and Whole Laird Lentil Flour in the lentil potato gnocchi. That gnocchi was served in a fiery, apricot and black bean sauce. The dish also came with a Southwest and Rocky Mountain inspired braised spiced venison, and a side of Homestyle cornbread with spiced raspberry compote.


March 6, 2016

What an exciting year to be competing in Mission ImPULSEible! Student teams from post-secondary institutions across the country competed to represent their province at the national Mission ImPULSEible competition held during the CIFST annual conference in February. Their mission: “To create a delicious & healthy food product using pulses (whole dry peas, beans, lentils & chickpeas) that showcases innovation in traditional foods to celebrate the 2016 International Year of Pulses.”

BCP sponsored this event, as well as supporting teams at both provincial and national levels with donations of pulse ingredients.

Margaret Hughes, BCP’s VP Sales & Marketing, was honoured to be one of the judges for the Manitoba competition. 

Congratulations to Caileigh Smith and Evelyn Helps from the University of Guelph for their winning entry to the national Mission ImPULSEible competition, a high fibre meat extender called, “Fiberger”. Caileigh and Evelyn will go on to showcase their product innovation with other countries’ winners at the #LovePulses global showcase during the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) conference and expo in July 2016 in Chicago, IL.


February 26, 2016

Laura Aiken in On the pulse: How to get started with pulses in your bakery, Bakers Journal, May 2016 ( featured Geoffrey Dextrase of Prairie Ink Café and Margaret Hughes of Best Cooking Pulses, Inc.. Best pulse flours as egg replacers are now part of the bakers pantry. Jane Dummer in The Final Proof: March 2016 The pulse on pulses ( looks at the United Nations International Year of Pulses, reviews the health benefits and speaks to Margaret Hughes about recent product innovations and launches.


January 23, 2016

Chef Chris Koch and Chef Geoffroy Dextraze of the Prairie Ink Restaurant and Bakery of @McNallyRobinson Book Store and Margaret Hughes of Best Cooking Pulses were live interviewed by Terry MacLeod on the CBC Radio One the Weekend Morning Show. Terry was bowled over by the Chef Geoff’s French Macarons and Rose Water Meringues made egg-free from aquafava, and Margaret’s brownies made gluten-free with Best Whole Pinto Bean Flour. 


January 21, 2016

In Pulse flours to the fore, Jeff Gelski of Food Business News explores the opportunity in replacing a portion of wheat flour with pulse flours thereby increasing the quality protein of a given product. “Pulse flour used in conjunction with cereal flour improves the quality of protein without the need for fractionation into pea protein concentrate/isolate and pea starch. For this reason pulse flours are more economical since less processing equals less cost as well as the added benefit of a cleaner label and a more environmentally friendly product.


January 6, 2016

The Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers, hosted by the Prairie Ink Restaurant and Bakery of McNally Robinson Book Store, held a ‘Pulse Feast’ in celebration of 2016 the International Year of Pulses (IYP). This coincided with hundreds of similar events around the world. The Minister of Agriculture for Manitoba, the Honourable Ron Kostyshyn spoke at the event, making a pulse pledge to eat pulses at least once per week. Chef Chris Koch and Chef Geoffroy Dextraze created several pulse based foods for the event from ingredients supplied by Best Cooking Pulses.