News from 2013


September to October 2013

The Symposia ‘Pulses as Complementary Ingredients in Cereal-Based Products’ was held at the American Association of Cereal Chemists International Meeting; September 29-October 3; New Mexico, Arizona. Presenters included: Opportunities to capitalize on pulse protein quality. J. House, University of Manitoba; Partial germination of pulses to produce novel, healthy ingredients. S. Kappeler, Buhler AG, Switzerland; Understanding the impact of pulse flour properties on product quality. H. Maskus, Canadian International Grains Institute; Optimization of extruded snack products using pulse ingredients. S. Hood-Neifer, Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre; and Applications of pulses as gluten-free ingredients. L. Malcolmson, LM Consulting, Winnipeg. Best Cooking Pulses was the financial sponsor for the event.


August 2013

Best Cooking Pulses is committed to milling pulse products that are sustainable. Curing a recent interview with Food Navigator, the case for using whole pulse flours vs pea protein was made: “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” Aristotle
Food Navigator: The case against protein fractionation


March 2013

The 4th annual Functional Foods and Natural Health Products Graduate Student Symposium was held March 22nd at the University of Manitoba. On behalf of Best Cooking Pulses, Inc, Lee Anne Murphy, Executive Director of the Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network Inc (MAHRN) presented prizes to Dylan MacKay (1st place oral presentation, $300) and Rgia Othman (2nd place oral presentation, $150). Congratulations to all the presenters and the organizing committee for a terrific event!


January 2013

The article ‘Pulse Flour an Emerging Trend – One Manitoba company creates pulse flours based on a long standing Canadian tradition’ (Pulse Point magazine) explores pulses in the everyday diet from the Canadian Voyageur’s provision of dried peas, to the use of pulse flour in Mediterranean cuisine, and leading on to the more recent inclusion of pulses flours in chicken nuggets and roux. Amy Jo Ehman ( highlights the opportunity for more healthful, nutritious and tasty foods with the inclusion of pulse flours.
Pulse Flour an Emerging Trend